née le 16 mars 1972.

Boulot : Intégrateur

j’habite à Pointe-Noire (Guadeloupe)

Ma pensée du moment :

  • Si tu pisse face au vent, pantalon mouillé tu auras en rentrant
  • J’crève avec cette chaleur, une bonne bière fraiche me ferait le plus grand bien.

Mon info : Urbano Monte's early world map (1587), par Philippe Rivière

Urbano Monte's map is one of the earliest, and certainly one of the most extraordinary, planispheres in history. Hand-drawn in 1587, it forms an Atlas of 60 sheets, of which only two manuscript copies exist in the world.
The David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University has recently digitized this Atlas, hand-drawn in 1587 by Urbano Monte, in Milan. Like 85,000 other documents in this historical collection, this map is now available on its website in the form of very high quality files (...)

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