j’ai 36 ans.

j’habite à Barberaz (Rhone-Alpes)

Ma crainte : autophobie

Ma pensée du moment :

  • celui qui n’est parti de rien pour n’arriver a rien n’a de merci a dire a personne

Mon info : Waldo Tobler's hyperelliptical projections, par Philippe Rivière

Born in 1930, Waldo R. Tobler died on February 20, 2018. He was one of the great American figures of geography, best known for his “first law of geography”:Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things.”
During his career as a researcher and teacher at the University of Michigan, then at the University of California at Santa Barbara, he was one of the pioneers in computerization of cartography, and contributed to the mathematical study of (...)

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