née le 3 mai 1990.

Mon job : Plafonneur plâtrier

j’habite à Bonvillaret (Rhone-Alpes)

Ma crainte : apiphobie

Ma pensée du moment :

  • Est-ce qu’il reste de la piémontaise ?

Mon info : Bertin Projection (1953), par Philippe Rivière

Created by Jacques Bertin in 1953, this projection was the go-to choice of the French cartographic school when they wished to represent phenomena on a global scale. We present a formula to reproduce and automate it by computer code.
research & development: Philippe Rivière
If you are looking for a base map for your projects, do not download this image: go instead to our dedicated page.
The 1953 Bertin projection was originally presented in the form of a drawing which came with the (...)

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