j’ai 44 ans.


j’habite à Chavanatte (Franche-Comté)

Ma crainte : hydrophobie

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  • Lol, mais lol quoi. Quelle aventure hier soir ! Loool.
  • C’est dans la cale qu’on met les rats (chicago)

Mon info : Michael Golz and the Fabulous World of Athosland, par Alice Hertzog

Michael Golz has created a magical world called Athosland, he's spent his life mapping out this utopian space and documenting the monsters creeping around inside it. Golz is an artist and an outsider who suffers from learning difficulties, he created Athosland as a child's game but today it encompasses an ever-expanding universe, taking us to the edges of cognitive mapping and providing glimpses into his incredibly mind. The Musée de l'Art Brut in Lausanne recently hosted a solo exhibition of (...)

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